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Keep The Dream Alive: The tales of a girl on the path of becoming all she wanted
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20th-Jul-2010 09:34 am - Friend's Day!!
Kaito Kuroba

I kno~~w! I promised the letters and I promised to tell you about my lovely weekend, but today in Argentina we celebrate Friend's Day.

I felt utterly necessary to extend my best wishes to you all too, and to tell you how much I care about you all, even though some of us are half the world away.

I am thankful that I could meet you, and share experieces, feelings and thoughts.
I may not have been very active on LJ lately, but I promise that I read your entries. Believe it or not, I do think about you during the week, and I wonder how you're doing. :3

So... thank you so much for letting me be a part of your LJs and for reading mine. Thank you for your caring words, your support and for not judging me. Thank you for seeing who I am, with my extreme fangirlism, my silly optimism and all that and still keep talking to me. :) Each and every one of you are amazing!

I hope you have a beautiful day! ^^

Lots of hugs, kisses and love,

18th-Jul-2010 09:15 pm - -_-
God! I wish I could stay awake to reply to your entries and comments, but it's 21:14 and I need to go to bed. LIKE NOW. xD

I had such a great weekend, but now I am all tired and sleepy. :P

So... see you tomorrow, my dear friends! I have not forgotten about you! T___T I am sorry I've been not replying lately!

Lots of love,

Silv. :3
18th-Jul-2010 03:59 pm - Had two amazing days!
I had one of the most wonderful weekends ever!

I will tell you everything about it, and I'll post some letters, but first I have to take a shower (Gosh, it's freezing here!) and then I'll have tea with that delicious apple crumble mum made! :D

Lots of hugs and kisses,

Good night, everybody!

I still have to read and reply to your entries. And one or two comments you left here. ^^

But I am tired now, so I'll go to bed.

This will help me have lovely dreams. xD

Sorry... I needed to post this. It's so cute! :3

Have a pleasant night and a wonderful day! ^^


And I think I'll make the Day Twelve (Letter Challenge) entry private. I don't want people to get the wrong idea. I don't mean to be bitchy. D: Just needed to express myself and talk with you.
thank you so much for ALL your comments. You are amazing, people. *hugs*
14th-Jul-2010 12:03 am - OMG
Who is this?

Holmes and I need to know!

13th-Jul-2010 12:21 am - Ne, Ran nee-chan!
This is a preview of the cosplay.

Kinda cosplayingCollapse )

Well, that's all. :3 I'll be back tomorrow. ^^

Lots of love,


Yes, I had to divide the entry because Mr. LJ said it was too long. D:

So, as I was saying...

About my mother’s approval, I had the most beautiful but yet sad dream of all a week ago (sad because I woke up and it was not there).


I dreamt that I was looking for something in my mother’s room and that I found and old book.

I opened it, and I could read on the first page something written by her: it was some kind of encouragement little text, telling me that the book would help me become what I wanted.


I started browsing the pages, and soon I realised that it was a sewing book, with patterns, explanations and even some blank pages so I could draw my own sketches.


When I opened my eyes and did not feel the book in my hands I felt terribly depressed. Not because of the book itself, but because I was not holding that beautiful thing my mum had written anymore.


I told her about it crying when we had our argument, and I noticed that she was about to cry too. So I am not 100% sure that she does not see that I really love fashion design.


Today, I am meeting with my ex.

I know, you must be thinking “is she out of her Victorian mind?”. The truth is that I am, but this is not the reason why. xD

I am going to see him for I need a favour from him that could give me another chance to take the violin exam. But I won’t deny I find it odd. Terribly odd.  It is not something very pleasant.


He’s not a bad boy, don’t get me wrong. But we did not work together and seeing him almost a year since we broke up (07.20.09) will bring many surprises.


Anyway... Other than that I am happy! :D


I spent the most wonderful weekend with my dear Holmes and I miss her already.

The Watson Loli outfit is almost finished and I cannot wait to wear it. It’s so warm! :3 Perfect for winter.


And I have bought two wigs yesterday. One is for Ran Mouri’s cosplay, and the other is for Lolita.



Wanna take a look? These are the wigs:


Also, I am feeling like a princess. I never though I'd say something like that, but it is the truth!
I am still thinking whether it has to do with the fact that my loved one is treating me like royalty or just because I became more aware of my femininity. Remember that I thought I was not feminine? Well, that has changed.

I think I had to tell you more stuff about my life but I have forgotten...


So... having said that, I’ll leave you to be happy because this post must be boring you like hell.



Lots of love to all of you, dear friends!




PS: I have a new Tumblr. Feel free to follow if you want! :3 http://ranwatson.tumblr.com/



Hello, everybody!

Here’s the promised boring and long post about my life.

Before I begin, I’d like to state that nothing serious nor bad has happened.


I just had a very weird week.


I had a quarrel with my mother on... Monday, I believe. No big deal, just the phone bill. The thing is that she has her problems and concerns, and I have my problems and concerns and we don’t talk about it, so when there is another tiny thingy going on, both of us go crazy. But everything’s fine now. She asked me to forgive her, and I promised I’d not spend so much talking on the phone.

I gave my seamstress the fabric for the jacket and skirt for the Watson Lolita outfit. I did design the clothes, but mama thought it best to give it to her for sewing. Since I am not very experienced in the making of coats, boleros, jackets and that kind of stuff, I think it’s OK. But I wanted to make the skirt. xD


Anyway... I had the Theory of Music test and I did well, but not remarkably well because I did not study.


On Saturday, I had the Violin test. And I did not go.

Today I woke up and I kinda regretted not studying for that test, but I just don’t seem to have the motivation to do it!


I believe that music is not really my thing. At least not playing an instrument. Singing is another matter entirely.

I was talking to Iiraliina (an adorable Internet friend and amazing Lolita) this morning while having breakfast, and I told her that I was not sure that music was MY THING anymore. I spend way too much time on thinking about runways, colours, fabric types, shapes, clothes, concepts and I don’t feel motivated to get rid of that to practise with the violin. I like drawing my sketches, getting ideas for coordinates I’d like to sew and that kind of stuff.

I won’t quit the Conservatoire, because I really like learning, but I have realised that I design without much difficulty and I know nothing about it, and that I know the basic things about music, but yet I cannot pull it off as easily as it should be for someone who ‘loves’ this.


So... how can I start learning what I want without abandoning this beautiful career? Well, that is what I am going to find out this afternoon. I have to go and see someone. And maybe I’ll be able to balance my studies, until mama does realise that I have talent for fashion and not so much for symphonies.  :P I really need her to see that her daughter is good at something and that even though she discovered it at the age of twenty-one, she has plenty of time.

To be continued...

12th-Jul-2010 10:11 am - Letter Challenge: Day Eleven
A deceased person I wish I could talk to. My father.

Hi, there!
I'm off to have breakfast, but I'll be back soon with the long logn post and then I'll see if I can post another letter and reply to your comments and entries.

I love you, my dearest friends.
11th-Jul-2010 11:28 pm - Long time no see. D:

I mean... WOW.

When was the last time I've been around here, my dearest friends?

I have to reply to your comments on my last entry (especially yours, Lily, I was almost crying when I finished reading it) but lots of things have happened. Or maybe not so many things... but I am feeling like a brand new person. Again.

This is not necessarily good, because I have realised that I am not interested in music as much as I thought I was... and that means trouble. xD But I'll tell you later. :P

I have not abandoned the Letter Challenge, so I'll bring you the letters very soon.

I am sorry I've been not replying to you. T___T Hopefully, I'll be back here tomorrow with a long (and quite boring) post and I'll catch up with you all. ^^

I hope you are all doing fine.

See you soon! :3

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