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Keep The Dream Alive: The tales of a girl on the path of becoming all she wanted
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7th-Aug-2010 08:50 pm - NEW LIVEJOURNAL ACCOUNT!!


Here it is!
My new LJ account. :D

It will be Friends Only, so if you want to be friends with me, comment and I'll add you. :3

I'll try to add all of you, though. I am posting this so you know it's me when you get a friend request on your LJs. ^^

I still have to change the layout. My friend Hoshi will help me with that. ^^ I hope you like it! :3

Lots of kisses, hugs and love! And farewell, diane-dreamland! :D

5th-Aug-2010 04:04 pm - News
My dear friends,

I'm sorry (once again) for not updating and for not replying.

I've been kinda busy lately, making patterns for the OP I told you about and seeing some friends.

Some days ago, a dear friend here on LJ moved to another account.

We were talking about feeling attached to the username and that kind of stuff, and I came to (seriously) realise that I don't know why the heck my LJ account has that name, or how I chose it.

Well, there is an explanation for Diane, but I don't feel attached to that at all anymore.

So, in view of that and some VERY nasty events that took place yesterday (a friend was trying to protect me but she was treated in a most hideous and rude way) I am thinking of changing my LJ account and I'm thinking about making it Friends Only.

The reason I kept this Journal public is because some friends who don't have an account here could read about my daily life anyway and because I've got nothing worth hiding, but a girl's got a limit.

I won't talk about this for OBVIOUS reasons, but elementary school drama is not really my area, so I'd rather have a more private space. And with a name I like, by the way. xD

So... if you don't mind... I'll be adding you soon.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience. U___U But I was getting kinda tired of the username. xD Has nothing to do with me by now!

Kindest regards,

4th-Aug-2010 12:03 pm - Happiness!

I'll explain later, I promise.

31st-Jul-2010 02:51 am - I hate doing this, but...
I guess I'll have to call the Letter Challenge off.

First of all because I was skipping days and stuff, and that's not really my style, you know? I mean, if I'm going to do a thirty-day challenge, then it should take only thirty days. :S

So... good-bye Letter Challenge.

I am sure, though, that I will find another thirty-day meme to amuse myself. xD

LOTS of stuffCollapse )

And that's all, my friends! I hope you did not get bored. U___U

I love you all!


Edit: I just love having Shinichi-kun there! xD

Kaito tired
Bows. I need bows for my head.

And that is what I am planning to do tomorrow.

A nice bow for the skirt I am embroidering, one for the white and pink skirt and I could make a black one, because I need one of those too.

The skirt is finished. Shirring, bustle... But I hate it. Maybe it's because I made it out of fabric that's been left from another skirt xDDDDD. I just don't like working like that. xD Other than that, the skirt itself looks very pretty. :)

All I want to do now is to save up enough money to buy the fabric for the OP I've mentioned on one of my previous posts, for one skirt and for a dress for... well, a little surprise (kinda) for someone. ^^

I am afraid you'll have to put up with me or simply ignore my emo posts (which I recommend) at least until Tuesday.

I miss my boyfriend and I miss Holmes. They're cousins and they're on holidays on the beach. I am here, and I miss my friend and my lover. :( Pretty much.


So, please... don't hate me. I'm just going through a sad week.

On other news... MY HEAD'S KILLING ME! D: I think I'll have dinner in bed and then I'll go to sleep. Its a really strong pain. U___U

I hope you're all doing fine. I'm sorry for not replying to your entries. The skirt thing got me busy and now I should start doing my Violin homework, which consists on writing some biographies and listening to some symphonies. So I won't be around as often as I usually am.

All my love and lots of kisses,

27th-Jul-2010 06:18 pm(no subject)
I dressed up in Lolita today. Again.

One of my favourite things.
But it's nothing if you don't come around and look at me. If you don't make any remarks on the clothes I'm wearing, on the colours I chose.

I feel so stupid, but I cannot help staring at the mobile phone wishing you'd call... or at least, to get a txt from you.

I am waiting. Waiting. And waiting.

The bunch of hours I spend doing wonderful things become a bunch of wasted minutes when I stop to realise that I was not spending those moments with you.

The sunny days are as grey as the rainy ones if I cannot tangle my fingers with your golden hair.

All I do is wait. Just wait...

27th-Jul-2010 12:18 am - Do you see that dress?

DO YOU SEE IT??? *goes completely crazy*

I will make that dress... COME WHAT MAY.

Because even though I'm just an amateur at sewing stuff, I can do nice things with my little knowledge!

So I will practice with my fabric 'leftovers' until I excel in the art of making beautiful clothes!!

That's what I've been doing the past few days. I am making a skirt with a bustle on the back. Once it's finished, I'll evaluate which were my weak points and the things I did well, so I can improve. ^^

But, yes... I AM GOING TO MAKE THAT DRESS. And it's gonna look AWESOME.

That's all! ^^ 

Good night! :D


ALEX! HOLMES! Please come back soon!
24th-Jul-2010 11:31 pm - Things that made me happy this week!
Inspired by [info]jade_sama's lovely entry, I decided to post what made me happy this week.

All those things that made me happy!Collapse )

There are more things, but I just cannot remember all of them. It's been such a lovely week! ^^

Oh, God, I still have to tell you about the weekend I met Miharu!! xDD I will, I will.

And I have to keep embroidering. ^^ I want to finish that skirt once and for all and start a Classic Lolita dress and Kaito Kuroba's uniform for the cosplay (yes, I'm going to cosplay Ran Mouri and Kaito because he rocks! ). 

I hope you all have a lovely Sunday! 

Kiss kiss,

23rd-Jul-2010 09:52 pm - Crappy photo is crappy but...


I promise it looks EVEN BETTER live (or with a better cam ;D).

Anyway, I'll show you better pictures (and in Lolita) soon.

Yes!! ^^ I am back, btw.

Lots of love,



Someone I wish could forgive me and someone I’ve drifted away from.

I'm sorry I've not replied to your comments yet. I will do it when I am back home. ^^ I'm going to see Holmes [info]eclipses_castle, so I'll be away till Friday, I believe. ^^

I feel like an idiot saying that I will reply and never doing it, but I had things to do, so the week turned out to be pretty busy. :3

Lots of love and hugs!

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